Are you suffering from low engaging videos?

Do you want to be a Video Marketing Expert?

 You don’t know how to make a very much Interactive Video?

Here is the answer to your all questions

You are just one step away from getting traffic to your video.

Video Dashboard Tool

This software is specially made up of Digital Marketing to make such engaging videos to get the attention of more customers. This is simple performing easy to use and you just make videos in a few minutes. VideoDashboard packs several “first-to-market” technologies to completely AUTOMATE traffic generation, content creation and lead generation. For the first time ever you can leverage rapidly growing (and established) platforms like TikTok, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Linkedin and Dailymotion from ONE ‘all-inclusive” dashboard!


Everyone who are interested in marketing will get benefits so much from VideoDashboard. For instance:

  • Online marketing
  • Online business owners
  • Bloggers
  • Video designers
  • Product creators
  • Online sellers



  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface
  • Multiple functions
  • Available commercial license
  • Professional video templates 



 What you can do with the Video Dashboard?

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • FREE Video Hosting
  • Agency License
  • Ability to add graphics
  • Interesting CALL TO ACTION
  • Better  Branding
  • List Building
  • 2X More Conversions

Benefits of video dashboard

  • Powerful Call-To-Action Videos
  • 10x your engagement
  • Interactive In-Video Opt in Forms
  • Get Unlimited Free Traffic
  • 100% Newbie friendly

And the idea behind creating each video is to make the viewer take some action at the end…

…It could be Fill-up an optin form, make them click on other related videos and in some cases…even contact us.

Even while I was doing that successfully… I was (as usual) constantly monitoring the results I was getting… and also the trends and direction in which the market was moving. I am a firm believer that if you don’t discover-adapt-and improvise… you are going to be left behind.

Here’s what I noticed was happening…

53% of viewers dropping off before they’ve heard all we wanted to say

… and 33% of those drop-offs happen in the first 30 seconds.

What that meant for me?

53% of my traffic was not even getting to the point where I could present a call-to-action… like clicking on the link below and stuff like that.

But at the same time…

Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Powerful Features of Video Dashboard

Feature #1

Add Call to Actions

Viewers can click on a “Buy Now” button right from inside the video and can be directly sent to the sales page.

Or they can click on a Social icon and engage with you on any social network of your choice.

They can even add a product to the cart by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button from right inside the video.

Feature #2

Add Quizzes and Polls

Embedded questions are one of the most powerful features.

Ask questions, multiple-choice quizzes, and collect feedback through your videos.

Open up a dialogue with your viewers with an interactive video by asking them questions while they watch your video and give them instant feedback.

Feature #3

Add Optin Forms

Generate tons of leads from your videos and add them instantly to your autoresponder automatically.

Add an opt-in directly in your videos. This is an incredible lead generation opportunity that local businesses, marketers, e-commerce stores, affiliate marketers who do reviews etc. need to take advantage of.

When a user is watching a video, the video will be paused at the moment you choose, and the opt-in will appear. Once the opt-in is either filled in or closed down, the user can continue watching the video.

Oh… and the coolest thing about video opt-ins is that you can add it to any of your existing videos. You don’t have to record a ton of new videos just to add an opt-in form.

Feature #4

Add Videos To Your Videos

Embed a video inside a video.

This feature takes your video content to the next level. It allows you to further showcase something else inside your video.

For example, you can use a video overlay to showcase testimonials within a review video.

You may not realize it… but that’s an extremely powerful feature.


The expense for using VideoDashboard is $67. This is  quite reasonable, right?

This cutting-edge app not only provides you unlimited number of high-profile video templates to get traffic but also allows you to sell them to increase your income. Let’s think about the amount of money that you can get back when spending on this app. It is worthwhile!

And if you are going to buy it, hurry up and click the access button because this price will surge up soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many Interactive Videos can I make?

A1. You can create 30 Interactive Videos per month.

Q2. Do I have to pay extra for hosting?

A2. No. We host all your videos for free.

Q3. I have never made a video before. Is this for me?

A3. Absolutely. As long as you can point-n-click a computer mouse… you are good to go. With stunning designs included, you will pleasantly surprise yourself with what you end up creating.

Q4. But I already have a similar tool. What should I do?

A4. I am sure that whatever tool you have is a monthly/annually recurring subscription model. Why would you want to pay over and over again… when you can get access to a better tool with superior features at a low one-time price. It only makes a lot more business sense.

Q5. What if I don’t like it after giving it a try?

A5. That’s completely ok. You can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase WITHOUT offering any explanations.

P.S. You get to keep all the money you would have made thus far during that period with VideoDashboard.

Q6. How do I get started?

A6. Get Instant Access here

Q7. I still have a question and that’s NOT answered anywhere on this page. What do I do?

A7. Feel free to Contact Us.



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