how to appreciate someone


In the whirlpool of career, pressures, children, family, global warming, politics at work and so many other tides, we just get carried away forgetting all our fellow passengers. Why not take a moment to beautify our journey and the journeys of those around us? and learn the ways of how to appreciate someone, everyone, and anyone

We’ve got to take time to slow down our engines and appreciate our dear and near ones by telling them how important they are to us.

Since we all know and have heard it a trillion times – that its the journey that matters and not the destination 🙂

Why not take a moment to beautify our journey and the journeys of those around us? and learn the ways of how to appreciate each and every close one

how to appreciate

We all have those thought bubbles in our head, thinking of our loved ones, outpouring with love. Not that We don’t realize their importance and value their presence, but often fail to express the Love and Gratitude in Action. We miss out on thanking them, appreciating them for the roles they play and keep all that contained in our heads, leaving it to dissipate.

Lets figure out ways to channel this gratitude and love “in action” towards our parents, friends, colleagues, partners and every other acquaintance – To open the door to their hearts with the kindest actions and words of warmth, gratitude, love – making them feel special building meaningful relations for lifetime.  

No right-left, east-west, or any other thesis on this art. We’ve all been there, know the importance of it and realize how great it feels receiving it and sharing it – “Appreciation”. Can make anyone feel special in a fraction of seconds !!

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

how to appreciate

With the upcoming trends of swag, style, creatives and artists bombarding each area with dozens of new ideas, Lets also make Appreciation a very personal, curated and creative skill to be nurtured, mastered and used in different ways to make your special ones feel more better, strengthen your existing bonds and creating new meaningful ones – either in the professional arena or simply within your four walls. 

Without taking much time, lets rush to ingredients, ways and ideas on “HOW TO APPRECIATE SOMEONE”

We all have our cups of gratitude and love brimming over for the people around us, but many a times, we miserably fail to express it, fail to direct this outpour in constructive ways – in both words and actions, which forms creases and distances.

How does it feel when someone just taps from behind, Hugs you, and says :- “ You make my world a better place & things will be okay no matter what OR I’m there beside you, along the way”

how to appreciate

Seems so much  better and relaxed. That’s the power of Appreciation, the power of understanding and a warm touch tapping into your soul. Tames down the whirlpool of emotions, the constant internal craving of approval and soothes you.

Appreciation ain’t merely a 10 second task of passing a compliment but needs to radiate in Thoughts, Words and Actions to pierce into someone’s heart and gently touch it.

These days everyone’s basket is empty, waiting for a more “full” basket to evolve out of the heaven and fill mine.

Getting to work with a dull start, feeling depleted, waiting for someone to compliment your new watch, or the purse you recently shopped, or to acknowledge that you worked so hard last night. Waiting, Waiting and Waiting, feeling further hopeless with how the world and its being are.

 And here appears a Santa Claus, someone with a broad smile, with a bag with compliments. BOOOM – Your day is made !! Smiles ignited. And suddenly a boring Monday turns into an exciting and pleasant one.

Though it is a risky proposition to rely on this mechanism of Waiting, Waiting and Waiting and being uneasy till you get to see your Santa Claus (who’s anyway not gona come every day, come on, he’s poor just one and has better tasks to do :P) , why not try a little self-love, self-appreciation and BE the Santa Claus in someone’s life.

Why not make an effort to create an air of satisfaction, contentment, and warmth around ourselves and everyone we meet and greet. Why not we be that Santa Claus of gifts, distributing them around to people whom you feel deserve it.

THE RECIPE OF APPRECIATION !! – Just a few Ingredients

As per my fruitful experience in the Customer Service Industry (though being a lawyer by qualification) I have realized the 4 INGREDIENTS THAT PLAY SOUND ROLE  TO UP YOUR RECIPE OF APPRECIATION

  • INTENTION – It’s of utmost importance to add this filter in our conversations and have a pre-check. I have seen a huge difference in myself in both scenarios.
  •  When the intention of my compliments is to just sell a product/ or to get the person to be friends with me.
  • And rather When the intention of my compliment is to genuinely share a note of admiration without the slightest expectation of anything in return

The second has worked better, deeper leaving a warmer impact.

  • STRATEGY – Isn’t a mere Thank you boring ? Or just being said everyday by your boss “You did a great Job” and period. So Dull, super boring. Why not make it more exciting, more real, more in action. By may be gifting someone a small gift , or a handwritten note ? or a Dessert of choice. What I wish to say is that there needs to a strategy to break the monotony , to express feelings creatively.
  • SPONTANEITY – When the gratitude is in the heart, it just flows. So it is important to share these compliments, words of appreciation and validation, instantly, in between conversations, wherever you see a chance. Should surprise the person out of nowhere.

 A belated compliment is NO compliment 😛

  • A PINCH OF LOVE – This is more of self-explanatory as the smallest of an act done with extra love, creates much more ripples than an act done mechanically just for the sake of it. Generate a little love and try pouring it along, creates much more impact than imagined.

Since we now are aware of the ingredients and our toolkit is ready, here’s an experimental campaign to be tried :


Appreciation is an Apparel to be worn every day! It does not only make you look classy, rich and handsome/beautiful but also enhances the beauty of the person receiving it.

Such a win-win situation. No ? and I have a top cozy secret to share – that It’s absolutely Free !!

So it’s much cheaper/durable than the items in your wishlist at Myntra, Jabong, H & M, Koovs, Zara and all those hot shot apps which help you dress your exteriors but miss out on beautifying the heart and soul 🙂

It is the only gift, which gives you an instant return, in the form of instant satisfaction, contentment, a sense of giving, and most importantly, can light up the worst day of anyone !!

We all have been gifted with a beautiful heart with this small pretty candle of “Appreciation” which is ignited in different ratios in different people.

So, what stops us?

Hey, Why should I appreciate ? I’m the one who is in utmost need of it !! Have gone overboard my duties.

Should I really appreciate ? I would sound such a Wannabe

Why does he/she need appreciation ? She’s already got loads of it.

Appreciate him uh? He’s already on the 7th sky, will feel top of the world further !! Forget it.

And these thoughts are MORE THAN ENOUGH to blow off that little candle of love, warmth,and appreciation. BOOM.

The main question of concern being, What have we lost by turning off this candle?

We’ve certainly missed out on

  • Making someone’s day a little more happier
  • Making your perspective more brighter
  • Missing out on making your heart “grow” broader
  • Creating an air/environment of love, warmth, and compassion
  • Nurturing real meaningful relations

Why not try touching people more deeply, on am emotional level, just like we expect.

Everyone wants the world to be a better place, but no one wants to invest time in making it better, may be inch by inch, drop by drop ?

Lets keep a competition with ourselves. A 7 day challenge !! The challenge includes starting your day wearing APPRECIATION !! Its gona be our internal Apparel for 7 days.

Appreciating 5 people everyday for anything, could be the lift man, the watchman opening your door, the shopkeeper, Your wife, Your maid, your colleague for what he’s wearing. Bringing smile on the faces of any 5 people.

Lets wake up with this intention that we need to appreciate any 5 random people. And stop once done !! Lets wait and watch what unfolds for us during and after 7 days.

With growing time, growing life, a growing generation, lets also strive to grow our “hearts”, a “little” bigger and broader 🙂 Come on, I know you can do it. You’ve done it before too 🙂

For people who feel depleted already, start your day with complimenting yourself first and foremost. Look at yourself in the mirror – “Hey you pretty cute hot and what not 😛 beautiful piece, Whatta Smile !! What a beautiful heart, Great you’ve been through another day, I love the way you carry yourself, I also love the way you are proud of your scars. I admire the way you still continue to be kind to the world inspite of seeing so much of cruelty around. Start with this, and continue with the campaign later on.



1. Think of people intentionally everyday

how to appreciate boyfriend

Just for 10 mins. How you could help them, may be the food they like, or introducing them to a contact they need. Or if they are a music fan, gifting them an old record, just informing them you met some classy singer at a club and it reminded you of them. Its basically a “I was thinking of you”  technique – in more creative and realistic ways.

2. The gift of time

how to appreciate

Spending time with someone you love and acknowledge, having a meal/ordering lunch with them. Or an Ice Cream or Tea Together. Food holds much more power than people thing 😉

3. Celebrate their birthdays – Give Awards – An in-house Award Ceremony (at work or home too)

how to appreciate

4. Celebrate their Big News, though it may seem a small achievement for you. As soon as you hear an important task they have accomplished, lets remember Baskin Robins together 😛 (P.S. – Don’t make it a habit and blame me later for burning your pocket – doing it once a while is good to go 🙂 )

how to appreciate

5. Be specific about what you love/admire. Be specific in mentioning it to them what you exactly love about them. It may be their punctuality, or the systematic approach, or the smile they carry or the quiet confidence they hold.

6. A handwritten letter/note of gratitude or even a sticky note – Appreciating them for what they did.

7. A beer or coffee together at the end of the week, just as a catharsis session – allowing them vent out whatever happened throughout the week. Name it the FBC (Friday Beer Club)

how to appreciate

8. Helping them in their work or supporting them. Be it at home or work, just sitting around your loved one, contributing your hand too in their chores would help them feel great.

how to appreciate

9. Give a personal gift, which was used by you. May be your favorite earphone or Pen or a diary or something new.

how to appreciate

10. Now this is an easy one – Look at them straight in the eyes and say, “You make the world a better place.” (With a warm hug if possible)

how to appreciate

11. A super interesting one – Write a post for them, or tell them in talks how you’ve learnt some specific quality from them, be it compassion or forgiveness.

12. Recommend them to your contacts in front of them. (Personally tried and tested – makes one feel really important)

13. Write a letter/mail of appreciation or a review.

14. Offer to lighten their workload in some way if you are able. Or tell them to take an off/a holiday.

15. Ask them about their lives instead of always being all business

16. Give them flowers to brighten their desk.

how to appreciate

17. Ensure you appreciate your loved ones in gatherings/public. Appreciating someone in person – one-on-one vis-a vis appreciating some in public, between colleagues or the family, has a super huge impact on the self esteem of the person. They feel much more valued, respected and acknowledged. We all crave for attention internally right

18. Asking them about their ambitions, dreams, wishlist and giving them some sort of ideas, support or inspiration for that. As in today’s world we all are so busy being self contained in our own heads and stories, we don’t wish to take the time to invest in others and their dreams (which really makes them and their dreams important)

19. Capture memories, Remember memories, share memories. Tell them suddenly about an old, loving incident about them.

20. Let the person know that they can ask you anything they need. Don’t need to explain this much. It makes me feel comforted, relieved and loved when I listed to this from someone 🙂

21. Discuss with them once in a while about their family, their problems and the status of their stuck applications. It’s shows that you “care” and are bothered about the person.

22. An outing with your loved ones, to a garden, a movie, a group building activity with your team, is not only a de-stressor but can also be converted into a ground for making memories with them, thanking them, loving them and appreciating them.

23. The last but not the least is more of an internal one, an important one. You don’t need to do anything externally. The most important is to internally remember, recognize and acknowledge their value in daily life, feel the gratitude for them. The rest 22 actions above would flow with ease, if this one is taken care of especially .

Remember the little things can make a big difference

Life tosses us around. We feel broken, scattered, lost, shattered facing our challenges. Everything is horrible, I’m no good, people are further no good.  And then your inner voice gently whispers in your ears “Its okay

Its okay to be not okay,

You are doing great in your own ways, waking up every day, managing your life, facing it, smiling no matter what, wearing a mask and getting to work, aren’t you already super strong ? And even if you feel you aren’t enough.. who the F*** cares ? Its ALSO okay to be a soft, warm and gentle being. The World needs it. Forget these badges of “Strong, Bold, Resilient, Unaffected” – they don’t exist. We all are humans and have a heart.

A heart that beats, lives, that loves, that fluctuates, gets down at times, gets broken but is also warm, helpful, kind, compassionate and has the power to soothe many other hearts.

Why not work out and cultivate these muscles of Appreciation, making you stronger and simultaneously the one receiving it too ?

Selflessness and Self – Love are two Key ingredients !!

  •  Self love to ensure your bucket is filled before your shower those droplets of appreciation on others.
  • Selflessness to ensure there is no ulterior motive involved, but out of sheer warmth and admiration, which strikes any cord deeply and profoundly.

Appreciate people for what they are. Not to fix them, change them, repair them or improve. Not even “for their own good”

Chuck your mood for the moment. All that matters is that person. So we have got to be compartmentalized for the moment.

Not everyone needs to be a JOHNY BRAVO with those external muscles bulging forth.

 One can also be Courage (The Cowardly Dog), fearing every little thing on the outside, but ultimately gathering the courage gradually to stand up and fight for his family, just because he cares, he loves, he dares on the inside 🙂

With the changing waves of emotions in us everyday, It is also important to decide each day and commit to yourself, that –  “I am going to be unmoved with what response I get in return. This is “MY INVESTMENT” wherein returns will pay for sure but at the right divine time !

And for all the super professional corporate peeps out there reading this, Let’s do it professionally and strategically !!

 Lets Assign and Allot this work to ourself. As if to say its come from our super-bosses/CEO !

We need to  help 5 people today, even a smile works. And its more of a DIY project to be accomplished !!

The only project not for your company or brand, but to help you strengthen and beautify your soul.

Remember Appreciation is not merely a few words. But a Deep, heartfelt, Life affirming Gratitude for a person.

All the best Commandos, Lets get on the mission !!

Lets catch up here on the 8th day and share how it feels !!

Waiting for you.. !! Here 🙂

Much love to every beautiful and kind soul for taking the time to read this.

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