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On 7th March Class, Deepak sir talk about Customer Avatar then I got to know that we should define our customers according to their needs and behavior. A customer avatar is the better way to know about the audience we are targeting. We need to communicate with our audience by creating forms or surveys to know about them, what they like, how they are living. By knowing customer avatar we can target on center which is more effective in marketing.

Here my niche is a video editing and I have created a survey form to know my customer avatar for video editing tool.

My Ideal Customer Avatar is, Sachin Agrawal who work as Freelancer, Managing Video marketing of some well-known brands also uses YouTube for the Promotions.

He has professional goals in life and going to start his own agency in Digital Marketing. He always takes care of the quality of content.

Age – 25-34

Gender – Male

Annual Income – 3-5 lakhs

Education – Graduation or Post Graduation

Laptop- Windows-based

Social Media-  Whats app, Facebook and Instagram

Phone – Android

These details are based on inputs of the submitted surveys and own guesses according to the behavior of customers.

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