BULB ON !! It was a great experience and opportunity to get placed Internship program of Deepak Kanakaraju. After joining this program I got to know he is a real mentor of Digital World. Well, I m Kush Dhingra, A Digital Marketing Learner and Freelancing Marketer in Nagpur.

I was looking for some practical experiences in this field and I have got the perfect place to showcase my skills with learning and earning programs. I had attended the first class of this internship where Deepak sir had started with some basics of market knowledge. I must say that today there is a need to make awareness of digital marketing because not all people could understand what Digital Marketing is…

Honestly, I am expecting to grow more and polish my skills from here with DigitalDeepak. I got a place where I can connect with him.

Here is some Important Points I got to learn in Class 1 of Internship Program 2.

1. To Decide Goal

GOAL is the foundation of Success. The first thing I liked about DigitalDeepak he said to make a goal how much you want to earn from this program. This is a practical experience if we make the goal , after that we can do efforts to achieve it and without a goal, there is no success it gives motivation to us for our ambition. The entire student has their own goals in their life and Digital Marketing can fulfill every goal of them.

2. Communication Skills

Communication is a key role in marketing. We need to be a marketer first then Digital Marketer. Without Communicating with the customer you can’t sell anything. To be a good marketer it needs to improve your sales skills and to make the best sale of good communication is very important. With better communication skills we can sell anything to targeted people.

3. How Market Works ?

To be a marketer first we have to understand the market how it works and growing itself. When there is a solution it increases needs among users. DigitakDeepak described how it will grow in the next coming decade. MARETING+TECHNOLOGY = DIGITAL MARKETING

4. Global Economics

I have attended so many events, webinar and meetups no one discussed economics in digital marketing sessions. When DigitalDeepak started to share about economics in the Internship Program I was amazed to see if we wanted to be Marketer. The economy is a major factor in it. It was complicated for me to get all the things since I m from a technical background. He also shared some sources to clear concepts of economics it would help me to get more. It’s really important to know economics before being a better marketer.

5. Future of Digital Marketing

The future of Digital Marketing is wide as New generation handling their family Business and this generation believe in technology and them how to grow it digitally

6. Integrated Digital Marketing

This is How Digital Marketing Works — To be the Best Marketer you need strategy and to decide strategy we need DigitalDeepak hehe

It was a little and short story from me I know I am not a good content writer tried my best to complete an assignment and I am here to learn more and more.

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